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Pleased to announce New Team Member.

Posted February 21, 2015 by in Blog

Today, as we introduce our new team member: Nirali Jariwala, who supports as Affiliate manager. She has started working with us a little while ago. Now that we have earned her trust, 23 –years old native of Surat has geared up to idea of joining Adattract.com

Nirali, we’d like to know something about your background. What’s your profession?

I completed my engineering degree I was not much interested in coding so I didn’t move ahead with it instead I thought of doing a Digital marketing Course and also got the first job with the knowledge I gained. I wish to continue with this it is really working well.

What is the main reason for this of decision?

I really liked the company and I think I it’s the right decision to join Adattract for affiliate marketing, I said to myself I would not stop learning new things and I have this feeling that my job in affiliate marketing will satisfying and rewarding, I didn’t know that I will have a chance to meet a great team, Growing together these people and with Adattract makes me happy.

What are you doing at Adattract?

As a Affiliate manager, I am responsible to find new publishers of Adattract located all over the world. I speak with them on daily basis, recommend offer to them to fix problems. I also find affiliate network with traffic, mobile app publishers.

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