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Incent and Non-Incent

Difference Between Incent and Non-Incent Installs

Posted May 27, 2015 by in Blog

What are Incentivised and Non-Incentivised Installs?

Incentivised installs identifies a process when the audience is necessary to engage with an advertisement for some kind of reward. The kind of advertisement and the reward can range greatly, depending within the developer and publisher.

Non-Incentivised adds, on the other end of the spectrum, refers to traffic that is certainly generated when no reward is offered. This type of traffic is created when users decide to engage with an advertisement with no promise of incentive. In other terms, they are merely choosing to involve themselves while using the ad due to help personal interest.

Incent Installs: Advantages and Disadvantages

Two great areas of incent installs, which just can’t be overlooked, is that they are incredibly cost-effective which enable it to significantly boost install numbers over a brief period of time. Incent installs are often used to increase install numbers to experience better rankings inside App Stores.

For the opposite end on the scale, there are some negatives involved with incent installs, including a reduced lifetime value intended for users. When users are incentivised by the reward, they may install your request without actually hoping it. This often can make it easier so they can uninstall your app after several days, which will surge your uninstall rates from the app store. While this is usually a negative aspect associated with incent installs, you must also consider if your app is one who will appear to be able to large audiences, nevertheless simply needs publicity. If you are confident with how audiences will engage your app, incent installs could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Non-Incent Installs: Advantages and Disadvantages

Generally, non-incent installs make a more pricey advertising option in comparison with incent installs. Non-incent installs could take longer to come up with, meaning this might not be the best option for you should you be wanting to accomplish a “Top New” ranking just after launch, in order to find more exposure. When contemplating whether incent or maybe non-incent installs are better to your campaign, it is important to consider your finances and resources.

Personally, we recommend developing a marketing campaign which includes both incent in addition to non-incent installs. Incent traffic is a sensible way to boost your install numbers when you launch your app, allowing you to rank within the App Store “Top Lists”, giving you the exposure that new apps have to thrive. Once your current initial launch time period is complete, a combination involving both incent in addition to non-incent installs can help you to maintain download rates and ensure that your app is still receiving adequate high quality site visitors.