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5 Digital Marketing Myths

Posted June 9, 2015 by in Blog

When you think digital marketing, it may appear to be sufficiently straightforward. Get yourself a site, make it look decent and you’re ready, isn’t that so? Wrong! There are a few strands to digital marketing and each of them needs equivalent care and consideration keeping in mind the end goal to expand your yield and engagement. There are innumerable myths encompassing digital marketing do’s and don’t’s. The essential thing to recall is that digital marketing, however still in its early stages, is turning out to be to a less of an extravagance and all the more a need as the movement towards digital expands. We’ve taken a look at some of the most common digital marketing myths out there.

Myth 1: Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is dead

SEO is still very much alive, and possibly more important than ever.

“SEO is about investing in the health of your website and attaining the ranking that it deserves through providing the right content and attributes for your readership and for the search engines.” Jill Hollosi, director, digital strategies

Myth 2: Social media is not for B2B marketing

Social media is not only a consumer haven, but in a business-to-business market, it is also a place for business-free downtime. Social media is all about people, and behind every business’s social media account is a group of people.

B2B marketers utilize social media to humanize their brand that allow for deeper, more personal connections with people and prospective business opportunities.

Myth 3: Personalization is a powerful idea, but true one-to-one marketing isn’t possible. Personalization is no longer just a dream — it’s a reality. In fact, hundreds of retailers now leverage the power of personalization to individually calibrate virtually every aspect of an ad to make it more relevant for each recipient.

Myth 4: Posting content isn’t important

You may think that once you have your website up and running and looking nice your job is done – but this isn’t true. The design and layout of your website is certainly important – nobody wants to land on a webpage that looks ten years old. However, if you wish to attract qualified traffic to your website on an ongoing basis, you need to understand the importance of creating content that is both relevant and visible to your target audience. The importance of this can’t be understated as content marketing is rapidly becoming a larger focus for more and more online businesses.

Myth 5. There are too many social platforms to keep up with

Granted, there are more social platforms than ever – and new ones are emerging all the time. This doesn’t mean you can’t corner the market on each one though. Having company pages on each of the social networks used by your target audience is important (if you have the available resources). Each social network attracts a different clientele which gives you the opportunity to boost your brand. Think outside the box when it comes to social media marketing.

Don’t be scared by digital marketing – there are lots of strands to consider, but on the whole it is effective. Putting effort into a digital marketing strategy can get you new customers, help to retain old and new customers and increase your reach. It’s something to be embraced!