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How does Apple Watch Affects Digital Marketing?

Posted June 10, 2015 by in Blog

Currently, marketing people may feel that Apple Watches certainly are a wonderful new space for digital businesses and for software developers and mobile advertising agencies to have stuck in. They might expect a new variety of ultra mobile businesses to cram nevertheless smaller ads onto small screen, but that would be a big mistake for anyone. This affects we all. For the digital marketing industry, however, there were countless questions about the way Apple Watch might change marketing.

Right after years of redeveloping in addition to redesigning websites, e-mail, and everything between to look excellent on desktop personal computers, laptops, smartphones, in addition to tablets, it seems the particular digital marketing industry may have to adjust designs for just one more screen—and that screen is just 48mm tall.
Basically, it’s only a matter of their time until consumers start viewing content with smartwatches.
So what does that means for web builders, designers, and content marketers?

Apps: Procurement teams should be prepared to review suggestions from developers needing to build new Apple Watch apps. That means that in the next six months, marketers will need to work out how to not only industry their iPhone and also Android apps, but how to get users to get their smartwatch apps at the same time.

Social Media: Savvy marketers can reap the benefits of this future trend by creating content tailored for small screens. This means short, simple communications including status updates and pictures which might be much easier to interact with with than video lessons, articles and back links to websites.

Geofencing/iBeacons: This functionality is available for mobile phones, but the contact is quite a bit more intimate whenever an alert will use haptic feedback in order to virtually “tap” the user on the hand to get her or his attention. Perhaps your shopping experience might be enhanced by finding which stores contain the best deals, newest products or largest inventory when you walk through the mall. Or it’s lunchtime in the city, and you’re walking outside with a friend wanting to decide what to have for lunch. Suddenly your watch alerts you how the restaurant you’re walking by features a 10% off coupon that expires in quarter-hour. Customers will need to decide if that is a good thing, or perhaps a creepy thing.

Healthy Lifestyles: Almost any business can get at the rear of the social source of healthy living. Although you may make fast foods, you still want consumers to believe you care with regards to their health. Why don’t you work this health and fitness angle into ones marketing efforts?
“Brand X wants you to be healthy, so we’re giving you a 10% discount off your next purchase if you’ve worked out today. Just show us your Apple Watch results, and the discount will be taken at the register.”

What do you think? Does Apple have a winner on their hand (or wrist)? Will the Apple Watch change the way you market your product or services?