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Millennials And Their Impact On Marketing

Posted June 12, 2015 by in Blog

Who they are?

Millennials own it rough.  Not only have they come of age in the worst economy since the Great Depression, but log on to any news site and you’re likely to find them assailed by older generations as selfie-taking, text-a-holic, unemployable idlers.

But perceptions regarding millennials needs to shift. . A slew of recent articles point out that millennials are not somehow worse than the boomers or gen X; they’re just essentially different. These differences carry over to every aspect regarding millennials’ lives—from perform ethic and prioritization, to spending habits and that they use technology.

The buzz for 2015 have been on the millennial creation. Millennials, also often known as Gen Y, are those in the age bracket of 18-35 yrs . old. They are younger as college freshmen along with old as professionals with spanning a decade of work experience. “By 2015, almost half (47%) of the world population will be under the age of 25.

Mobile Marketing:

To excel at mobile marketing, first consider the basics. Are your landing pages optimized for mobile? Are they too graphics-intensive, making load times longer with slower connections? Is your call to action clear, even on a smaller screen?

After you’ve done that, it’s time to get creative. Brian Wong, himself a millennial, figured out how to integrate advertising natively into mobile gaming by allowing companies to offer rewards after in-game accomplishments. His company, Kiip, also integrates advertising with other types of mobile apps, allowing companies such as Gatorade to offer rewards to users — in this instance, after specific fitness accomplishments.

Finding ways to integrate your advertising natively into popular mobile applications and programs, especially if it’s styled as a reward, is a great way to reach millennials.

With Social Media Be Relevant and Engaging:

Today millennial individuals are more tech savvy and when given a decision between ads or even no ads, they are going to choose the second option (i. e. AdBlock). Brands with great content will by natural means be rewarded while using the attention and engagement with millennials. Millennials want their social experience with brands to be organic and seamless.

Your brand likely features a social media method. But if it only includes self-promotions and product-focused messaging, you’re not gonna reach a millennial crowd. Millennials spend countless hours on social media, but they aren’t planning to be talked at—they’re seeking genuine service as well as engagement.

Because they’ve grown up with the internet, they are intelligent consumer who discover how to research. Content generated by your current user base available as reviews and talk will weigh more heavily on the purchasing decisions than even by far the most clever viral offer campaign.

Millennials spend 48 percent more hours watching online videos compared to average Internet consumer. While your video strategy ought to include interesting promotional articles, you are missing the opportunity if you aren’t getting these customers using quick informative video and tutorials. While these items will likely never go viral, you have the ability to build loyal customers by providing helpful content, with a relatively low cost for a business.

Marketing to millennials doesn’t have to be hard. By rocking ones mobile marketing, targeting social groups rather then life stages as well as being relevant as well as engaging, you’ll definitely make a splash with this demographic. Beyond these tips, you’ll want to segment the people and drill down to the exact excellent buyer you’re aimed towards. Millennials are very diverse, so the more segmentation you can achieve, the more return you’ll see for your marketing dollar.