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E-commerce is going to M-commerce

Posted April 23, 2016 by in Blog

E-commerce presents a huge opportunity for business to increase customer loyalty and revenue via mobile marketing. Mobile commerce continues to gain momentum as a mainstream way for consumers to shop online, Mobile commerce is likely to overtake e-commerce in the next few years. For example: The largest e-commerce company in India Shopclues decided to shut down its desktop website and go mobile only, by forcing desktop users to make their purchases on their mobile device. Paytm, one of the top e-commerce company in India, also shut down its website in a move to become a mobile app only retailer. Snapdeal, the 2nd largest home-grown retailer in India, had seen its mobile sales increase 25 times in one year.

for promoting the application and increasing the traffic for e-commerce app developer need to make their web users sign-up on mobile. The ubiquity of e-commerce apps and increase in mobile devices has profoundly affected online commerce. And also they should learn the data and see how their mobile marketing Campaign can
be improved by knowing what they are targeting & how mobile marketing works , then they can allocate their marketing budget better & also reach more potential audience. There are many advantages of going mobile, the best one is that they make their business sticky, this mean that more revenue from each customer. And also they are better able to serve online shoppers and drive shopping faster forward.

As per estimated date mobile-eCommerce is 30% of all US e-commerce and India also it is increasing day by day. Mobile contributed to over 40% of the total amount of e-commerce sales in India, China comes second with slightly over 35%.

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