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Posted May 14, 2016 by in Blog

Mobile Marketing is new industry but as far as we see it also do not need any introduction, as the increasing in mobile marketing year by year is going up very fast that it can easily describe the face of mobile marketing and how it is increasing Worldwide very quickly for that let us take a look on the graph which can easily be understood.

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So by having a look on this graph I can tell you that as of now the world is in hands and for that everyone is doing all their important works by their phones. Mobile marketing have changed the world in so quick and in very ease manner, and how it is in new trend we will have a look for that by the graph of some of the mobile users how the numbers have been increased.

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So here we did had a look for the graph of the mobile users month by month and the graph completely shows that the ratio of mobile marketing is going higher, as the all over the world mobile is doing very good marketing. so here it is clear thing as said before mobile marketing is not too old but it also do not need any kind of introduction as it have make his place in world that can be easily known by the name here we can also see that as it is well known through worldwide but now we will take a look on some of the countries that also have great numbers in mobile marketing and these number of countries have managed to reach at their best level by making gross up their mobile marketing.

Great numbers in mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing is not only the users of mobile but the is shows you that how fast the numbers have increased and increase is also because of the number of apps downloaded or how many hours users spent their time on internet and the sources tells that number of online visitors from 2014-2015 is increased from 58% to 83%

So here everything comes to mobile marketing is everywhere it is been used worldwide in very strong way. And now we will just take a look for the marketing through mobile as country wise

Let us select top 10 countries with smartphone markets for growth by value, 2015 compared with 2014. We will sort all the countries as their ranking wise for mobile marketing for 2015

1) India

2) China

3) Indonesia

4) South Africa

5) Brazil

6) Pakistan

7) Nigeria

8) Egypt

9) Vietnam

10) Bangladesh

these are the list of 10 countries who increased their mobile marketing and changed their status in just one year.

Here for now we will have a look for the companies who did rocked mobile marketing in year 2015 so from that we can also understand that the mobile marketing also have their base with different companies and with that growth let us take a look here we have names of top 10 mobile app marketing companies and the companies are as below

1) Appency

2) AppN2o

3) Somo

4) Mozoo

5) Yodel Mobile

6) Combo App

7) App Promo

8) InMobi

9) PhoneValley

10) Kumuva

The names which are shown above are world’s top 10 greatest Mobile App Marketing Agencies who help to increase the number of downloads. So overall we can just say one thing the increase of mobile marketing the increase of mobile app it is changing the world, and with the help of that we can have everything on our fingertip.

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