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Posted December 26, 2016 by in Blog

Affiliate World Asia 2016

Affiliate Word Asia (AWA) 2016 takes off in style on 5-6 December at Bangkok, Thailand where there were so many booths that are eager for the business partnership and at Affiliate World Asia the adventure of mobile marketing really rocked the arena of Business Conference.

There were many different Speakers were also present to show and to share their knowledge with all affiliate marketers and with all other entrepreneurs and there were some Speakers that have rocked the event full with their knowledgeable though they are,

Neil Patel – Neil Patel who is very good Speaker who is Co-Founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, Quick Sprout & KISS metrics and also very good blogger he said
“The only ABSOLUTELY MUST ATTEND global conference

Affiliate World Asia 2016

Drew Eric Whitman – Drew Eric is one of the very good Speakers who is Advertising Expert & Best-selling Author and in AWA 2016 he said
“AW is 100% first-class from start to finish”.

Overall from these there were many new companies in Affiliate World Asia for Mobile Marketing where there were 300+ companies was available for business, there were 100+ booths with great marketing knowledge there were 1000+ visitors.

There was one well know person and very passionate blogger Jitendra Vaswani there he was also promoting his newly written book “Inside A Hustler’s Brain” from which you can get some good tips related online business and online promotions.

AWA 2016

There we get in good business partnership with many new and some old companies overall the Business Conference at Affiliate World Asia was superb and Overall it was very good experience to connect there with different and new companies who have the hunger of business and had a great meeting there to everyone it was a very nice and good business trip thanks to all for support.

Affiliate World Asia 2016

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