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Posted January 25, 2017 by in Blog

Mobile marketing have given strong opportunities for marketers on their scale of marketing which have never been seen before. Like there are many other more channels but as we know that channels are of most communication channel. But here mobile marketers have large number of followers and audiences and the way for them is real and personal.

Mobile Marketing In India

Today as we all know any kind of person if it is typical consumer they also at least owns one mobile device, and we can also have a look at the report Sensis May 2015 where the report also shares in this the gadgets percent let us have a look in that through the year 2015.

1) 75% of population owns a mobile phone.

2) 50% of population owns a tablet.

3) 75% of population owns a laptop.

So from all these above ratio interesting thing is to see 75% of population access their internet via their mobile device not from their laptop or desktop.

The numbers of smartphones and tablets have been increased, and from that numbers of mobile phone have shocked the numbers. In 2014 number of mobile phones have hit the glasses with 7.7 billion, while if we have a look at population it was 7.1 billion.

By these numbers mobile marketing / affiliate marketing have become very easy and the best way to earn fast money, As per above reports any product which affiliate marketers promote definitely they are going to get 70% of business as per report, where you can earn easy money promoting products of your own or products of third party.

Through mobile marketing we can make our any work on fingertips and to make you understand in better way I will show you some graphs which will also say that mobile marketing is really important and needed in our life, if you want anything that you can get by apps and that is what I will show you here.

So by above image you can see that how apps are useful in our life and that is all possible due to Digital Marketing and you can also make good money by becoming good Affiliate Marketer, now I will show you some points which we are using in our life like daily routine.

1) Food orders placed by mobile phones and smart apps every day in the world.

2) Games downloaded by mobile phones and smart apps every day in the world and the ratio is increasing every year, have a look at this graph how it is increasing yearly.

Games Downloaded, Gaming Graph


3) Educational activities done every day in the world using smart phones and smart apps and the ratio for educational activities online also increasing day by day year by year as you will get every educations tips on your phone.



4) Online shopping made easier using smart phones and smart apps all over the world and here is the graph that I will show you how the graph of online shopping activities have been increased, and here I will show you 2 graphs in one graph there will be comparison from 2003-2009 and in other graph there I will show you comparison from 2013-till current time.

Online Shopping Graph, E-Commerce       Online Shopping

5) Social Networking made easier on mobile phones in whole world using smartphones and smart apps and now I will show you how the graph have increased every year in the usage of social networking every year.

So here we can see that how mobile is important and useful in our life and it is been very useful for all uses and it helps a child to gain online education, it helps to get food ordered online in the easiest way, you can be in touch of your family in touch with your friends from anywhere in the world by the help of social networking sites and all these things have been made more easier because of “MOBILE MARKETING”

Hope this article will help you to get all details throughout the world.

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