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Facts about Affiliate Marketing

Posted April 29, 2017 by in Blog

Everyone in this world is very well know about Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate is the best way to make handsome amount of money by promoting their own products or by promoting third-party products and it has become the good way for earning.

Affiliate Marketing

But the fact about affiliate marketing that no one mostly aware about it and that is how actually it was first started and who was the first to start Affiliate, so let us check how it is actually started.

* The Born Of Affiliation

Affiliation was first started before 28 years in 1998 and the person to start it was William J Tobin born in New York, US.

* Startup

Now here we will see that how William has started Affiliate for the first time and how he did start that was very interesting to read. In 1989, Founder of PC Flowers & Gifts, where he gets and idea to promote his company’s product online and to make it online selling business and there he started the marketing of PC Flowers & Gifts over the internet and that was the time when he launched his program was a name as Prodigy Network and it is still a very well-known network of United States.

When William started Affiliation for his own PC Flowers & Gifts there he also, hold a record of the service which remains for long 7 years to market from 1989-1996 and William J Tobin was also been awarded for Entrepreneur of the year by Inc. magazine and in 2011 published the memoir and business tutorial Confessions of a Compulsive Entrepreneur.

After the first affiliation started by William, there were other Business and Networks which have been started in the market after the year 1990.
1) 1994 – CD NOW

In 1994 Affiliates was also started on the web when CD NOW have launched the Buy Web Program.
CD NOW was the music company who were hosting the reviews of album page list and were promoting it over the web which directly redirects users and viewers to CD NOW page to purchase the albums.

2) 1996 – AMAZON

It was the year 1996 and one of the best company in business history have entered to the market which is very well-known company Amazon, which provides a link to the websites and it redirect users to make online shopping from Amazon.

3) 1998 – CJ (Click Junction)

It is the company is the history of Affiliate Marketing, as CJ is one of the world’s largest affiliation provider, which was founded in 1998 at Santa Barbara, California, United States and it was Founded by Todd Crawford, Lex Sisney, Per Pettersen.

4) 2000 – FTC

2000 was the year when FTC (Federal Trade Commission) issued the Dot Com Disclosures information about all the Online Advertising.

5) 2003 – Affiliates Summit

In 2003, Affiliates Summit was founded by Missy Ward and Shawn Collins, Affiliates Summit was founded to make Affiliates United where the concept was so brilliant that there under one roof many persons can discuss about business and can also find new opportunities to grow their company and the first time when Summit took place in New York was with expected of 300-500 attendees.

And Now, Everyone over the world knows about Affiliates Summit as it is very popular and easiest way to find new businesses.

Hope you love this article, and soon other article will be shared about things to know before joining affiliate marketing will be released soon.

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