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GMIC Bangalore 2015

GMIC Bangalore 2015 kicked off on Thursday exploring aspects of the mobile ecosystem with the theme – ‘Mobile Everything – Connecting Innovation’.

After a successful debut in India in 2014, the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) was back in Bangalore this week with the theme ‘Mobile Everything – Connecting Innovation.’ Keynote sessions, panel discussions, a startup competition and an exhibition area covered everything from messaging and apps to healthcare and hyper-local commerce – and there was even a rock band right next to the stage. Read More


Location Based Marketing For Consumers

A long time ago, in a universe far, far away regular advertising vehicles like commercials and prints ads were viable purchase-influence options for brands and suppliers. Location based marketing is one of a few major points of interest for marketers inside 2015. Using technology included in today’s mobile devices, marketers are finding innovative ways to get in touch with customers. Read More


Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Most bloggers know about advertising, sponsored posts and getting paid directly from brands, but many bloggers are not fully monetizing their blogs. Affiliate marketing is a method to earn more funds and promote various brands and never having to go out as well as form a relationship with each. Chances are you are already promoting products and linking for them. With affiliate marketing you can earn a portion of the sales you refer. Read More


Millennials And Their Impact On Marketing

Who they are?

Millennials own it rough.  Not only have they come of age in the worst economy since the Great Depression, but log on to any news site and you’re likely to find them assailed by older generations as selfie-taking, text-a-holic, unemployable idlers.

But perceptions regarding millennials needs to shift. . A slew of recent articles point out that millennials are not somehow worse than the boomers or gen X; they’re just essentially different. Read More


How does Apple Watch Affects Digital Marketing?

Currently, marketing people may feel that Apple Watches certainly are a wonderful new space for digital businesses and for software developers and mobile advertising agencies to have stuck in. They might expect a new variety of ultra mobile businesses to cram nevertheless smaller ads onto small screen, but that would be a big mistake for anyone. This affects we all. For the digital marketing industry, however, there were countless questions about the way Apple Watch might change marketing. Read More


5 Digital Marketing Myths

When you think digital marketing, it may appear to be sufficiently straightforward. Get yourself a site, make it look decent and you’re ready, isn’t that so? Wrong! There are a few strands to digital marketing and each of them needs equivalent care and consideration keeping in mind the end goal to expand your yield and engagement. There are innumerable myths encompassing digital marketing do’s and don’t’s. The essential thing to recall is that digital marketing, however still in its early stages, is turning out to be to a less of an extravagance and all the more a need as the movement towards digital expands. We’ve taken a look at some of the most common digital marketing myths out there.

Read More


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Fraud In Online Advertising.

“As marketers, we are constantly reminding ourselves and our clients to be genuine in every communication we have, making it extremely frustrating to learn when the digital ads we so carefully craft are not going to the right people, or worse, are reported as going to our target audiences but really aren’t thanks to ad bots,” Kimberly Dunn, marketing director for ad:tech, said in a statement. Read More